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Inspiring Cysters to Win over PCOS

Common Symptoms: PCOS patients tend to exhibit different symptoms. Some may have a few symptoms and some have a lot more. The most common symptoms are:

Weight gain and difficulty in losing weight

Severe Acne

Male pattern baldness in women (Alopecia)

Excessive hair on the face and body (mostly on chest, stomach, and back)



Irregular or absent periods

Treating PCOS: PCOS can take a toll on women’s overall health, so an early diagnosis and treatment is really important. Since there is no specific medicine or cure for PCOS, it becomes necessary that the amount of female hormones in the body are well balanced. PCOS is controllable, with the help of an expert doctor’s advice on proper diet, medicines, exercise and other lifestyle changes it can be dealt efficiently. In some severe cases, the cysts or fibroids are also removed surgically.

It is the most common myth, that women with PCOS cannot get pregnant, but Gaudium IVF has been succesfully busting this myth by treating the patients effectively through lifestyle modifications, medications and weight loss under the guidance of the best IVF specialist.



Author Dr. Manika Khanna is renowned IVF Specialist of India






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