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Massacre of Mandalay Bay-Malady visit Las Vegas

Bitter truth by C V Anand

What possibly could the deranged violator of peace and revelry at Las Vegas hotel have been thinking ? What could he have gained anyway? A heinous scheme to devour serenity does exist – it seems. A large number of people in an enclosed venue with limited, ticketed access, were sitting ducks. Usually in such places, where most may be 1st time visitor, one really takes time to understand the layout. So nobody probably knew where to run in an effort to exit. Country music was the genre of the festival but ended like a nightmare in Vegas.


As I write this it remains unconfirmed if the shooter of innocent music lovers was indeed a believer of racist discrimination or even a victim. The gunman apparently was brought down. Horrifyingly enough killer was about 60years old. Interestingly his companion woman, not known if she accompanied him today, another 60+ year old, bears a Christian name . I can feel Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs heaving relief as no online retribution will be unleashed against this large minority.


But fact remains that humanity seems hurtling towards insanity even as Sheriff Joseph Lombardo confirmed that over 100 were injured and 20 feared dead. Mostly youth. Was Steven Paddock the killer just angry over all the noise in his neighborhood? We do not know. but is seems Steven did have a history of crime but obviously not enough legacy to eventuate what he did 5 hours ago. Sheriff also stated that Steven’s companion was an Asian.


Twitter and social forum were ablaze with arguments for and against gun control. For the record it sounds like an automatic weapon which is anyway not legal to carry.


However, it is amazing that as of now there is no raging discussion on stressed state of citizens in these parts of the world. West and America were never like this. Many such horrors are happening too often to ignore. No prizes for guessing that these incidents occurring across America are not connected.


Yes, this is clearly indicative of a bizarre rationale gaining popularity. Plummeting state of mental health among those who were nudged out of the American dream, eagerly awaits attention. An effort to bring such people back from the brink is urgent and unavoidable.


Let’s pray that the incident is not a sign of growing discontent which is clearly spreading, does not proliferate. We do not want Las Vegas, of all places, devastated.

This time, let’s hope “what happened in Vegas DOES NOT stay in Vegas”.


C Anand Velayudhan is  Chief correspondent – India for an American Television Channel ‘



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