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Silencing Media is Prelude to Fascism

Dr. Charles Dias

The cold-blooded murder of Journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh on 5th September 2017 night is being compared with the killings of rationalist Narendra Dabholkar, CPI leader Govind Pansare and scholar MM Kalburgi. Some reports suggest that the Karnataka police have found similarities in the murder weapons used in these murder cases. Following the outrage over murder of Gauri Lankesh by unidentified gunmen in Bengaluru, the Siddharamaiah government of Karnataka formed a special investigation team (SIT) headed by an IG rank police officer. Now, the state government has said that it is open to CBI probe into the case. The SIT is asked to look into the possible connections between the murders of M M Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh. The three murder cases are also connected by the similarities in the working styles of the four activists. They all were critical of right-wing groups and said to have had several run-ins with the Hindutva factions.  It is not yet time to come to the conclusions of these murders.


What is happening in the campuses of the major national universities is an eye-opener. Those who have free view and those who are not in favour of Sangh Parivar’s views are sidelined.    Dalits, Backward Classes and Minorities are discriminated and attacked. The suicide of Rohit Vemula is not an isolated incident. One Muslim student was vanished from Jawaharlal Nehru University months back and no clue about him till date. The University authorities are apparently acting as though they are asked to obey Sangh Parivar leaders.


Cow vigilantism followed by strange laws passed at pro BJP States and Central Govt., has exceeded all levels of decency and became a threat to people at large.  Minorities are hunted and murdered in the name of beef.   The major central agencies in educational sector are now posted with people who follow Sangh Parivar/RSS ideology.  They have prepared syllabus for schools in tune with RSS  teachings. Lessons on our national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Abul Kalaam Azad etc. have been avoided. The new President of India elected is a former spokesperson of BJP, the Vice President is a most obedient servant of  RSS leaders.


Narendra Modi Govt. could not improve the administration of the country. The Govt. could not keep up its promises in matters of stabilizing economy, controlling prices, bringing back black Money , creating jobs and in maintaining peace with neighbors.  Our soldiers are being killed on everyday basis at our borders. Demonetization has been proven a huge blunder that caused heavy loses to economy besides instrumental in more than 110 suicides.  GST was hurriedly introduced  without proper preparations and utter confusion is prevailing and prices have been escalated for all commodities. Banks have increased their service charges beyond reasoning.  The only beneficiaries are the Prime Minister’s pet industrialists.  Sadly , the Prime Minister has become a brand ambassador for them to loot the common people with their ‘cashless’ transactions and other major contracts in the country and abroad.  Our secular fabric has been torn by cruel interventions of Sangh Parivar organizations. It is no secret that RSS/BJP have amassed unreasonable amount of wealth.


Narendra Modi came to power with the help of a huge propaganda by catching hold of a group of media houses.  But, when realities of failing governance are glaringly evident, upright journalists started questioning it through their writings.  They have been mercilessly removed by media barons and what we saw was new pro RSS media channels appeared to take care of  BJP propaganda.


We see now in India is similar to a situation in Germany during 1920-45.  Adolph Hitler  and his Nazi Party did exactly what Narendra Modi did and is still doing in India. Hitler and  Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister of Hitler has done cruelties unimaginable.  They very carefully covered their cruel acts by suppressing the media with an iron hand and made their own paid writers to give a false picture of what was happening in Germany.  The disastrous result was killing of millions of Jews and other Germans who were against Hitler.  Truth finally came out and both Hitler and Goebbels  along with their families committed suicide!.  Democracy was restored in Germany.


Gauri Lankesh was a free journalist. She used her pen for the common good of people. Her writings were not in favour of  Sangh Parivar/RSS.  We have seen what approach the so called authorities in Govt. showed to NDTV  and other journalists who are not prepared to praise the  failed policies of the Govt. A loud message was given to all free journalists that either they blindly support the govt. or quit.   The murder of several journalists clearly shows that the ruling party and their allies are not prepared to tolerate criticism which is a ‘creative element’ for guiding a democratically elected Govt. Narendra Modi’s silence in Parliament when serious charges were raised against his Govt. has showed that he has scant regard for democracy. His hypocritical ways and dramatic mannerisms are now known to all.  Whatever be the findings of  investigating agencies in the murder of Gouri Lankesh, the situation created by BJP and Sangh Parivar organizations in India is clearly showing that they are attempting to silence the free media with their un reasonable and cruel ways which is an apparent step to fascism. How far secular India will tolerate it is a matter we have to wait and see.


Dr. Charles Dias, Former Member of Parliament (LS)



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