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Narendar Modi has no answer but blame tactics !

Charles Dias

While replying to debates at Lok Sabha on 7th February 2017 in answering to points raised by opposition members, Prime Minister Sri Narendar Modi turned to blame tactics.  He is bound to justify demonetization, but the way he presented it and the words he used against Dr. Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister , does not fit for a Prime Minister.


Why Modi couldn’t answer  to the question of  when the matter of demonization was decided and by whom?  Why Finance Ministry  and  Reserve Bank  were kept out of this move?


When 86% of the currency notes in circulation were withdrawn whether the measurers taken were adequate?   How much black money were confiscated? How much fake currency were detected?


What about the observation of Dr. Manmohan Singh that by demonetization GDP  may come down by 1 to 2%?  Why Prime Minister kept quiet over the severe blow and slow down of small-scale sector, agriculture and  industry because of cash crunch?


Why Prime Minister kept quiet over the agony and pain for cash and the death of more than 120 people in connection with this?


Why the Prime Minister did not  answer about the confiscation of 2000 rupee notes to the tune of several hundred crores from BJP leaders?


Why the Prime Minister did not explain about several land deeds and deposits  by BJP  taken place in Bihar, West Bengal and other States in October 2016 prior to demonetization?


Narendar Modi conveniently forgot about his promise of normalcy by 30th December 2016 and spoke on ‘cashless economy’ and ‘plastic money’ after December 30th !


Prime Minister Narender Modi after 30th December became the brand ambassador for companies of ‘plastic money’ who loot the people of India by charging 1 to 2.5%  for every transaction! This is the biggest scam ever in independent India ! And see his words in Parliament

“ My fight is for the poor and giving the poor their due. This fight will continue.” . “We do not see everything from the prism of elections. The interests of the nation are supreme for us”


Instead of answering the above questions, Prime Minister Narender Modi personally attacked and abused Dr. Manmohan Singh in Parliament!  This is unfair, unbecoming of a Prime Minister. Modi cannot escape from his failed attempt of demonetization which facilitated BJP to loot the nation on the eve of elections to five States!


Dr. Charles Dias,  former Member of Parliament (LS)


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