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Two ‘Surgical Strikes’ that Fooled Indians!

Dr. Charles Dias

On 30th September 2016 Central Ministers and military officials of India claimed that on 29 September 2016 India had conducted “SURGICAL SRTIKES” against militant launch pads across the   LINE of Control in Pakistani-administered   AZAD KASHMIR, and inflicted “significant casualties”. Indian media reported the casualty figures variously from 35 to 50. Pakistan rejected India’s reports of any other casualties.. Pakistani sources reported that at least 8 Indian soldiers were killed in the exchange, and one was captured.


The major media noted that the details regarding the “attack” were still unclear. India’s announcement of the claimed raid on 29 September marked the first time that the government had publicly acknowledged its forces crossing the Line of Control, amidst skepticism and disputing accounts. It was claimed that Indian troops went 2.5 kilometers inside the line of control.


On 8 November 2016, the GOVERNMENT of INDIA announced the DEMONETISATION  of all Rs.500 and Rs.1000  banknotes.  The government claimed that the action would curtail the shadow economy and crack down on the use of illicit and counterfeit cash to fund illegal activity and terrorism. The sudden nature of the announcement—and the prolonged cash shortages in the weeks that followed—created significant disruption throughout the economy, threatening economic output. The move was heavily criticized as poorly planned and unfair, and was met with protests, litigation, and strikes.



In the days following the demonetisation, the country faced severe cash shortages with severe detrimental effects across the economy. People seeking to exchange their bank notes had to stand in lengthy queues, and 115 deaths were linked to the inconveniences caused due to the rush to exchange cash or because of non-receipt of cash for their  very urgent needs.   Initially, the move received support from several bankers as well as from some international commentators.  The move is considered to have reduced country’s GDP and INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION. As the cash shortages grew in the weeks following the move, the demonetization was heavily criticised by prominent economists and by world media.


About the first ‘surgical strike’ , senior politicians and army veterans point out that, our soldiers are kept at LOC  to defend the borders and they were doing it as and when a threat occurs and there is nothing new about it.  But, they ask , what was the necessity to claim that troops went 2.5 kilometers inside Pak occupied Kashmir?  Prime Minister Sri Narendar Modi told nation to give him 50 days to show good results of demonitisation.  After 50 days he is not speaking about this. But he speaks about ‘cashless economy’.  When digital money transaction involves about 1% to 2.5% of cost of transaction involved and the companies involved are his favorite corporates , what the people have to think? Could Govt. brought back black money ?  Considering the situation that of the 15 lakh crores of currency demonitised has came back and seeing the pathetic situation of RBI Governor when he was interrogated before PAC,   one can only see the face of an autocrat who is up to any mischief to capture power by misleading the people with his label of ‘patriotism’ and lined up  along with him a group of media barons and businessmen who have scant regard for their countrymen. Narendra Modi has no real achievements to show the people of India and the two ‘surgical strikes’ are aimed to mislead the poor people at the forthcoming elections at five States!


Dr. Charles Dias, Former Member of Parliament (LS)



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