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Tax Terror and Upliftment of the Economy

Manish Gadia

Any government is dependent on taxes, whether it is direct or indirect, whether it is on small base of people or large base of people or society. There is an absolute need to levy taxes whether it is paid voluntarily or forcefully and collected by the govt. The govt’s duty is to collect the taxes without disturbing the structure of the society and use it largely for the benefit of the society and maintain its safety and security. When things happen to be opposite of this, there comes problem. People start reacting to it. There comes agitation and distress in the society when the government starts doing work what it is supposed to do and it does just opposite to that. A habit grew in long term of reacting and going against the order and action of the govt. The govt. should understand this thing very well. The society’s reaction is a reflection of the actions taken on it throughout the years and now the govt.’s intention should reflect from its action first of doing thing correct.


The action taken by the govt. recently against corruption and black money is a war against society just like its an attack on an enemy. The people who chose this govt. are not enemies of it. They are in support of it. The action taken by the govt. against some parts of the society is also a part of the society. If the govt thinks that it wants to correct the whole thinking process and habits of the society then it has to show the correct outcome to the society and what was expected from it, is the betterment of the society, the social benefits, wellness, safety and security of the society.


The govt comes and goes but the society remains always. The tax is collected from the society, for the society and with the help of social people. The recent failure of demonetization is the result of not understanding the third cause that is “with the help of society”. Ultimately the society runs the country. Any kind of decision taken for the benefit of country should be taken thinking the current thinking pattern of the society then only it can change the behavior of the society ultimately.


The action taken against the small and medium sized businessman is an attack on the current mentality and behavior pattern of the society by and large. The govt. should come clean first then only it can expect cleanliness from the society in return. The society is the reflection of the govt. actions largely. After all the tax collected by the govt. is their hard earned money and saved for their future when there is no one to take care of them in future, at least, there is no guarantee by the govt right now. If it is guaranteed, then it can take any action, whatever it wants. Otherwise, there can be reverse action. The businessman take risks, creates wealth and economy, provide employment to the masses and it expect the simplicity and savior hand from the govt which is not there right now.


Think fast and think right. The society is waiting for it after long time to think about them.

Manish Gadia is a CA in Kolkatta

Email- manish@jmpassociates.com


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