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Trump and Nativity- A thanksgiving surprise

Bitter Truth By Anand
Though I was born in Mumbai, till his death dad urged me to build a house in Kerala. Despite having thrived here for 40 years, dad believed Bal Thackray would eventually succeed in driving away all Madrasis from Mumbai.

Infamous Mumbai riots saw sainiks physically punishing Muslims. Sajid, a close friend in Chembur, was rudely asked one late night to move from the house he lived in since birth, or be killed.  Sajid and his family still live in Mumbai.

An estranged Thackray is still at it targeting  ‘Bhaiyyas’ – a derogatory term for North Indians in general and UP-Bihari in particular. DO NOT think many left Mumbai.


Despite jingoism and grandstanding by political outfits, we lived better and excelled in relative safer terms than any person in rest of India could ever hope to. Mumbai at its worst, arguably, betters any Indian city.

There lay a lesson for American PIO, especially those from Mumbai. Not one will ever return to India because of Trump. The place they left behind has worse. Trump is actually a teddy bear in comparison.


The liberals in America say he is not even a politician, so isn’t it nice? We all hate politicians and Trump is not one! Any case as I write this, it emerges that he hid dirt and probably evaded taxes and embellished tax returns for 2 decades. Hey! He is a politician after all.

His assets are worth over 3 billion US. The only Indian anywhere close, Bharat Desai, has half as much. Still many Indians call him a failed businessman.


Discomfort of Americans today is how anybody could ever speak in this fashion.  Thunderstruck, open mouthed that anybody could make such utterances in public. And then came videos of his earlier interviews which further emboldened him. Any god-fearing man would have been contrite. They watched a man so differently set, yet strangely non-remorseful. In private some do behave this way but not on stage, on mike and never while running for president. American govt. must organize tours of India elections. The low life political bickering during election in India will kayo Americans.


POTUS designate used the dirty tricks textbook to K. His disgusting misogynistic view spared not even own daughter. Many republicans hate him for that. But the moment he clinched GOP nomination, looks like traditional republicans fell in line. He ran a campaign of hate and fear. He committed sacrilege by speaking well of Putin. He disavowed Jews- can you believe that? He did and said everything un-America, still Mr. Donald John Trump (DJT) won the American presidential elections! Sure he lacks the class of Gates and Zuckerberg. But since many voted for him, it is telling of the electorate he swung. Or may be he hit the spot.


But my story is about why nobody has to worry.

1- Mr. Trump has won presidency of America and not bought it all cash deal.

2- American foundations are of strong steel and alloy comprising rare minerals of liberty, equality and humanity.

3- There were no American whites, whom DJT supposedly represents. All of them came from Europe, so what if it was centuries ago, most are born into immigrants lineage.

4- DJT promises to weed out illegal aliens and not naturalized citizens. No power however vested has the release to touch American citizens, not even POTUS.

5- Bill Clinton said he did what he did with that white house intern “because he could”. That was misogynistic too.

Despite DJT, American people have the emancipation to cuss against POTUS. Some even threatened to leave America. A designer denied dress to First Lady designate, and she may still flourish, probably because of it. But definitely will never suffer for refusing to gown Melania. Social media is throbbing with hate for Trump. Not one would ever get targeted officially.

By contrast, in Mumbai, a statement against Balasaheb has irate Sainiks quickly arrive at your door.  PM Modi’s supporters out do everybody. Criticizing him invites sedition charges.

The American functioning is not blatantly partisan like Indian. Justice is expected to play quick in the US. Children of senators cannot hope to escape a DUI. No, America is not Utopian but by far more egalitarian than any.

Besides who can harm you in the US? Notorious ones like illegal Mexican, Italians, Cuban and Africans are all saving themselves from Mr. Trump.

Who remains?


C Anand Velayudhan is  Special correspondent – India for an American Television Channel ‘



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