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One for the rebellious wife

Bitter truth – By Anand

Bon voyage lady

Sure you want to leave?

If you find another

Even my grave would grieve


Fuzzy hair of sequined gold,

Catching attention of younger eye!

Frail I am as age caught up,

Portion to youth nobody sold


Can I help it for not living up?

For standards you set are so high.

It was not tempest in a teapot,

Should have known before it rot.


I love you, your body and soul

Without you am not whole

Will miss your touch and sensuous caress

Remember me every time you undress


Your lovely longest legs

Man has have ever seen.

Menacing they were,

When aimed at my bean.


What have I done to be treated such

When did life get out of clutch?

How did you think you could leave?

I live in your breath as you heave.


Lured, you went go off into the world,

With many ready to die for you.

But to endure pain with patience,

Am the only one left of rare few.


My longing if not my ode,

Will bring you back.

So what if I am,

Just an old sack


I want to go back where we began,

With a promise of love and nothing else.

We never looked ahead nor behind,

Almighty with us, our love blind


Chirping birds and temple bell,

Oh! It was just a nightmare!

Wife’s in Chennai, just visiting friends

She’ll be here soon to love me in our den.


C Anand Velayudhan is  Special correspondent – India for an American Television Channel ‘





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