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Shocking 40’s- A brimming volcano in the chest

Bitter truth – By Anand

As though life fast-forwarded, all of a sudden one is 40+. Common we were just in school yesterday reciting ‘babes in the woods’. That was in grade 3 and over 3 decades ago. WOW! Ineffable  memories.


But the year forty and beyond teaches one to just ignore and go ahead. Rather it teaches the importance of forgetting because it is now that the memory really comes back. A complete contradiction of what should be and would be and still never a regret on what is. We wish many things old were still around but ride roughshod into life ahead. Striving for a routine life and then trying hard to break monotony but never ever allow old memories to slow us down.


The forty also teaches us the importance of romance and more importantly to romance what we have. It teaches us the intelligence of ‘bird in hand’. To love and to feel the love of those in love with us.



After forty, one also gets the drive to flirt and even relish amorous attention. The danger of transgressing remains but the fun of remaining anchored to the ship is a bigger challenge and it attracts fatally. Hey do we die everyday because we remain faithful and may well have bloomed had we sinned? A crime never is, unless commuted. Is it greed to sample that keeps us going or is it abstinence?



We also have so much to look ahead, to live our lives thru our progeny, and give them all we got and more. See that pride in their lamb eyes while relating stories of our own childhood. Wanting to hear ‘ I want to be like my papa’ or ‘mama is my hero’, to leave a name for them to brag. To be astonishingly unusual, and see their pride in our disobedience, while cherishing to discipline them. The way they go about their lives reminds us how callous we were to our parents during their 40!



It is also only after initial 15000 + days of living we discover inherent weakness in our hitherto infallible bodies. From pillars of strength we are now an old stupa about to crumble, grudgingly maintaining meditation facade.



Actually nothing has changed but an unknown fear has crept in. No body looks at us differently but we suspect. At such times unmitigated faith of kids in us tides us thru, our duty towards them being paramount. Most of times myriad test and checks throw up nothing. Yet science has been wrong before. So what if it is one in a million chance but terminal illnesses can go unnoticed! We believe we are about to die. Not checked the statistics but I seriously suspect we are the prime targets for insurance companies. The average death rate is same for decades but not when the agent of Zurich Financials tells you. You just got to insure more dude.



Come to think, things are only better. Better jobs, better salaries, easier travel and exotic holidays. We are higher in the corporate food chain and even get chance to talk at conferences. A few awards and recognitions in the bag, already with at least one media wanting to interview us,  we actually have more interesting times coming. The real worth of our importance is about to throw up fruits. All that needs to be done is sit back and let it arrive.Difficulties are imaginary. Focus on job in hand. Every individual went through this and life went on


Welcome to Mid Life Crisis


C Anand Velayudhan is  Special correspondent – India for an American Television Channel ‘





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