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Day for Woman Woman for day : Woman’s day

Bitter truth by Anand

Though just another ‘day’ to attract eyeballs and sell more , should the frenzied narrative on woman’s day be given a relook ?
The ongoing campaign has parts that threatens to change the way humans Deal with opposite gender. The conversation is increasingly adversarial . Ask not what you give to a relationship , ask what you get outta it ! It is pitting genders against each other and believe me we will forget we lived with each other !


Apparently some women do not liked being asked Who washed the clothes ? Who does the dishes ? Children- who teaches them ? How do you manage your work and personal life ? The women felt that these stereotypes their role as one more at home. They felt men are not asked these ever.


Any city in India could be spared the question . Here the maid washes dishes , Bai washes clothes , tuition teacher helps children’s homework and the local stationer does their projects. If you have thrown out your mother in law then the crèche takes care of the children till you return. Watchman washes car and the grocer delivers provisions on credit.


Last time such deep public introspection of personal relationships happened it changed the way humans lived with others of same gender. Men do not hold hands anymore of their male friends .The ‘gay’ branding hangs over menacingly. And threat of being called lesbian completely overshadows real camaraderie among girls. They too cannot hold hands which is a very comforting feeling and no most of them never had sex with with other.


This malaise was let loose by a campaign of unknown provenance. So effective it was that today a person cannot be single without being questioned of his orientation. Bitter truth is happy for the LGBT community for being accepted and not targeted. But as a result of that blitzkrieg amiable masculine and feminine companionship vanished.


Sharp rhetoric selling woman’s day apparently surfaced when some working ladies and entrepreneurs were asked as to how they managed their work and personal life and this offended them. Hey men sometimes ask a simple ‘q’ thinking it may interest. It is small conversation and the answer could be educative. The question comes mostly out of admiration because every soul realises the colossal work a married woman does. But not all females would understand. That is why it is probably called ‘woman’s day’ and not ‘lady’s day’. The difference is fine yet defining.

Brings to mind words of Supriya Sule MP “people need to be of gender neutral approach”. She was among the core organisers of 1st woman legislators conference in India. This definitely is a day for celebrating women achievers.


Additionally I wish the women’s protection bill did not have the very wide clause of making punishable the act of looking at a pretty face for more than seconds. Brings to mind the beautiful verse from ‘leisure’ by W H Davies .

“No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.
No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began”.

C Anand Velayudhan is  Special correspondent – India for an American Television Channel ‘



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