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Mastani and Radha

Bitter truth by Anand

Light read to deviate from somber happenings at JNU and Jat venue.

Minutes after the movie on epic cheating by the Maratha warrior, I asked my wife who was to blame. She startled me by naming everybody other than Bajirao. So taken my wife was by the character she defended him.



Painting By Ranjit Sarkar



Mastani’s misplaced indulgence over Bajirao’s acquiesce appears divinely attractive to the Indian mind. The sexual tension created by Bajirao, the much married character, embracing the nubile warrior on pretext of sterilising her wound was the key. An already overwhelmingly obliged Mastani mistook this flirtation, combined it with tradition and delivered legend Bajirao Mastani.

Fault lay with Bajirao period.


But the Indian (even the sub continent ?) mind is partisan to love. Many in this part of the world are hopeless romantics. Most of us have grown up listening to ‘mohabbat Khuda hai’, ‘Pyaar bhagwan hai’ etc. which when applied to glaring instances of dishonesty, celebrates infidelity.

Look at Radha and krishna . Mythology says she was not his wife yet he carried her in his heart and declared it to Rukmini his wife. Ancient Indian temples have Krishna, Rukmini and Satyabhama – no Radha in the sanctorum . Yet one cannot enter the temple with out reading “Radha” right at the entrances .

Why do we utter Radha Krishna and not Rukmini Krishna ? Elders greet each other with ‘RadheKrishna’ ! We have never heard Kashi – Bajirao combination either.


The Radha Krishna jodi is deified. Statues of this couple adorn homes. Artistic creations dwelling on this duplicity of Indian beliefs receive high accolades.
Is it not most treacherous of Indians to exalt such perfidy ? Would men allow their wives to enter hearts of another admirer? How easy would it be for the ‘family’ and ‘culture’ this nation swells for ?
Would the most pious follower of Krishna allow husbands to enshrine another ‘Radha’ at heart ?
If no, why then the clamour of empathy for the ‘significant another’ ?
If yes, why are men and women yet not unshackled from the tyranny of faith and loyalty ?
After centuries the jury is still out.

In the end a couplet for all those fallen Krishnas to remember.
“To natures most bewitching melody I succumb,
Radha is a hymn I may never sing , but forever hum !”

And one for those wives porting to scandalous affections.
“Krishna, you evil man of wild proportion,
Keep away your encompassing passion
Woman of strength and will is me,
Though attracted will nay fall for thee”.


C Anand Velayudhan is  Special correspondent – India for an American Television Channel ‘





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