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Be my Valentine

Bitter truth by Anand










A third of me must go to you,

Else you are Hitler and I the helpless Jew.


By taking from me you feel nice,

Ever wonder if I feel wise?


By making me obey you feel just,

As a man then happy I be is must.


From my largess you build your temples,

Visit you there and I get rumples.


Your chosen ones hover around me to guard,

For attention I part more coins earned hard.


What use dear you are to me,

My obeisance makes me slave to thee.


Do I err if I want to be dealt nice and duly,

Do I fear to even think you are one big bully?


Your beauty and strength emanates from me,

Yet I wait to meet you while you sip tea.


I want to dally with you, look forward to be cared,

Not only you do ignore me but when you glance I get scared!


Still I want your love and am willing to serve,

Will you make me wanted, as I deserve.


I know it’s a long haul but I want to make you mine,

Oh my government of this day will you be my valentine?



Will this petition government to look at citizens as humans and not revenue targets?


C Anand Velayudhan is  Special correspondent – India for an American Television Channel ‘



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