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Criminal – Eyes or Mind?

BK Ved Guliani

Sociologists feel concerned at the working of human mind where different crimes keep generating and wonder how can man conceive of cruel and inhuman  crimes against their own fellow-beings and sometimes even their blood relations.   But these social scientists need also to study spirituality to devise ways and means   of tackling the working of human mind, particularly in the sphere of crimes.


Many religious and spiritual dignitaries have often expressed their views that   a crime in man generates not in the mind but through one’s eyes. Man sees   beautiful and precious things and desires to possess them in one or the other way.   When he finds that he has no right over the object nor does he/ she have means to  acquire that they get almost mad in their passion and restlessness and it is at this   moment when the unlawful and inhuman ways of accomplishing their wish come   to their mind. Even the Supreme Soul, the God, advises man to exercise control  over his eyes to check that there develops no criminality in them. It is our eyes that lead our mind to various aspects of life. The wandering eyes keep focusing on  things one from the other and try to search the source of carnal pleasures.


It is during this movement of the eyes followed by a vicious imagination in  the mind that often gives birth to crime and even the plans to execute that thought  of crime. So the Supreme Soul, the God Shiva, in His Godly versions often advises   man to purify their vision (drishti) and view all as the children of the same father   i.e. God. As such we should treat all human beings as our soul brothers,   irrespective of their mortal coil of being a man or a woman. One must realize that  material pleasures and gains are transitory and would not last even till the satisfaction of their desire, while the contentment of having exercised a control of  the self and of the eyes would be lasting ever blissful. It is for this reason that God always advises His children to be very careful  about the quality of our vision or eyes and ensure that even the slightest impurity is  avoided at all costs.


B.K Ved Guliani is Associated with Godlywood Studio” Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India



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