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Unfortunately Sena prevails and rightly so !!

Bitter Truth – by Anand

Whatever the real reasons for vandalism in BCCI HQ were, I can think of many reasons why it happened and here is one. The BCCI is a company and it took upon itself of selecting the  NATIONAL CRICKET TEAM. Now a ‘national’ team is a property owned by the nation. To be fair BCCI has had its days of glory and other days too. Yet it must understand that it is answerable to the nation. But it never does. The BCCI is about as transparent as smoked glass. It works behind only, a glass wall but you couldn’t see a damn thing !!


Can an Indian, just by virtue of nationality, become a BCCI member ? No.

Then how does one become a member? What qualified Rajiv Shukla , Arun Jaitely and Sharad Pawar to become members and rulers of BCCI. Mr. Pawar at the least is a great administrator and one needs a generalist too, but what about only generalists’ controlling?No body knows why and it has always been so.


That is precisely Sena’s itch. It has no say in matters of the most important  national sport which works out of what it feels is Sena fiefdom.The question is why does a private company decide selection of a national team and not even Sena a legitimate political party with 19MP’s and almost 100 MLA’s gets a reply from BCCI unless it was routed thru proper channel!!! Sena questions this structure and is uncomfortable with the inaccessibility of BCCI.That I think is why Sena attacked BCCI HQ. Or was all this planned because the current BCCI does not want to honor an MOU it has signed with PCB


Arun Jaitely said all disagreements must be addressed thru dialogue,

I am sure Sena never got a hearing in the first place.


Make no mistake that ‘Bitter truth ‘ deplores the form of protest Sena unleashed on a real gentleman, whose individual stature is impeccable. [I had the opportunity to meet Shashank Manohar at his home office in Nagpur and there was no air of supremacy there. Surprisingly no armed body guard either as opposed to Rajiv Shukla who I saw, surrounded by armed militia even inside an airport. (Bangalore airport after an IPL auction.)] But Sena has always been thus since 1968 as elicited Rajdeep’s article this week in a leading national daily. Every civilized citizen stands for action against the Sena and as expected no authority took any action.


However if Sena is pannedis it not inchoate that there is no uproar against cases of infringement of freedom by political goons in Kerala and Bengal on a daily basis? Extortion by union henchmen is so commonplace in Kerala. Hartals or strikes have been banned by the Supreme court and yet so many took place after the ruling. Mob activities of Mumbai’s international dons make Shiv Sainiks look like panda bears. In Chennai Sri Lankan players were not allowed to play by politicians.


Why have governments never acted or deployed might to rein in violators? Why is the govt. of Maharashtra not making citizens feel protected and why have various govts., not exhibited visible effort towards  this primary duty towards citizens ?


You may never hear an answer because governments, globally, are about as transparent as BCCI.


C Anand Velayudhan is  Special correspondent – India for an American Television Channel ‘


(Views expressed are his own)



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