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Ankita Surabhi

Abiding by the rules of innovation Apple’s latest, The Smart-watch, debuted grandly on Time magazine’s 25great inventions of 2014. Armed with cutting edge technology, slick visuals, swanky interface it boasts to be the pioneer in just that, the smart watch era. Languishing on your wrist, tapping your heartbeat (literally), it is a milestone in wearable technology.


To kick off it introduces a ‘force touch’ pressure sensitive screen allowing users to oscillate between a tap and a press to choose options, open tabs, or additional menus on the screen, i.e. not just where but also how hard one touches the screen. Like an analog watch the side contains a navigational dial to scroll, zoom and select. The device has to be connected to an Apple phone to perform most of its basic functions like calling or texting, and is compatible with iOS. Later editions can be wirelessly connected through Bluetooth or wi-fi. Sensors on the watch activate the screen responding to the hand/wrist motion of referring to a watch. It can synchronize functions such as texting, chatting, browsing where one can switch from the phone when desired.


Resembling a sterile, metal finish, the underbelly, uses a ‘Taptic Engine’ which automatically vibrates or taps the skin every time a notification is received. Some labelled it as a distracting feature, but it can be optimized by selectively allowing only relevant notifications to come through and the rest remain in the phone. A built-in heart rate monitor to check and evaluate fitness levels definitely amps the device’s utility.This is the minimalistic ‘activity app’, which measures calories, energy levels allowing users to evaluate health on-the-go. Packing features such a viewfinder, maps, the home screen resembles a colourful bee hive and possessing customizable widgets on the display called ‘Complications’, can be used to create shortcuts.


Apple has launched its mobile payment app, Apple Pay which by far, based on early customer reviews, is the device’s coolest feature. Replacing card swipe one only has to wave their watch against the machine and it’s done. Pretty neat and efficient. The first Apple device to use AMOLED screen, the revolutionary Apple S1 processor, an internal memory of 8 GB, it uses ‘inductive charging’ like MacBook, and a new typeface ‘San Francisco’ for its small display. The watch switches to power saver mode upon reaching a set limit beyond which it can display time up to 72 hours. Apple has devised a mechanism to sync all Apple watches. Available in a price range of $349 to $1,099 to 17,000, it also makes way for aesthetics and sartorial packaging, with interchangeable leather and steel bands.


As any new technology goes, this one has its glitches. Sometimes the watch takes time to load applications from the phone, certain features are hidden and most of all, it’s quite a distraction. Also, no camera, not that it’s required. Overall, it’s chock full of thrilling features, still in its first draft, which leaves ample room for improvement as modified versions can be customized to user preferences. And it has Siri.So wear it, woo it. Happy Watching!


Ankita Surabhi


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