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FUNNY DRAMAS IN PARLIAMENT – “We Only are the Saints”

Dr. Charles Dias

The second lap of Budget Session  2013 of Parliament began with various political parities in the Opposition agitating , shouting slogans and raised different  issues . While the BJP raised  leakage of  JPC report on 2G Spectrum Allocation, Left parties  and others raised Coal allocation loses , rape cases etc. and Trinmool Congress demanded more allocation of Central funds to West Bengal.  As a result, from the beginning of the Session on 22ndApril and the next day Parliament was interrupted.  It was really funny to watch Members of Parliament carrying boards of their demands and  shouting at the well of the  House in front of the Speaker.  All efforts of  the speaker  to dissuade Members from their agitation was in vain and the House was adjourned.

When we evaluate and verify the demands of each parties , one can notice the emptiness of these demands.  Who is responsible for the reported leakage of JPC report ?  who is responsible for the so called ‘corruption’ in allocation of  Coal mines?  who is responsible for rape cases happening in the country? whether more funds from the Centre can be allocated to one State as and when they demand?

What is the aim of the agitation on the reported leakage of JPC report ? According to some observers , it was because of the fear of BJP members that the names of their leaders also have been mentioned in the report.  Why can’nt they wait for the report and see what is in it ?  While only one mine has started operation out of the 59 mines allocated by the then Screening Committee and India is importing coal from abroad to meet the demands in the country mainly for power generation in a situation  acute power shortage is faced in many parts of the country, it seems that some people want continued hindrance  in our power generation sector.  While the matter is under examination whether corruption was there in allocation of coal mines, a drama on this may be suited for some parties!  How the Govt. of India responsible for increase of rape when all parties together joined and enacted a law against this and while law and order is a State subject and what is the scope of an agitation in the House?  whether more funds can be allocated to a State by an agitation in the House ?

It was high drama enacted in Parliament. Various political parities raised various demands of the above nature and stall the Parliament!  While the primary function of the Parliament is discussion, debate and law-making, agitation and interruption of proceedings of the Parliament is nothing but challenging the very system of democracy and denying opportunities to Members in raising the urgent and legitimate necessities  of the people they represent.  An impartial observer can see that all these dramas are enacted  and a smoke screen is trying to be created  foreseeing the next  elections and to claim that  the agitating Members and their parties have more concern for  people! !

What is the message the agitating Members want to convey to people?  They only are the saints and the Govt. is the culprit? It was evaluated that 27% of the time so far of the 15th Lok Sabha has been lost because of interruptions!  Who is responsible for this? The opposition parties have to answer to people.  Urgent legislations like Food Security Bill, Land Acquisition Bill etc. are pending.  If these bills are delayed , sure it will be on Opposition Parties’ account.

The writer is Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha)